Hi, I'm Kim and my super power is feeling. I love to feel all kinds of energies. People, situations, stories, stillness.. everything is energy to me. Translating and communicating these energies is what I do.


Energy is always in motion. Therefore the process is my product.  Always inspired by nature; showing me everything is connected, in motion and ever-transforming, without longing for more.

source ~ nature ~ connection ~ authenticity ~ inner wisdom ~ energy ~ love ~ communication ~ stillness ~ meditation ~ resonance ~ wabi-sabi ~ attention ~ appreciation ~ deceleration ~ regeneration ~ transformation ~ reciprocity ~ rhythm ~ awe ~ wheel of the year ~ flow ~ spirit ~ ceremony

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Heart to heart Conversation

Share thoughts and feelings, re-source, remember, be still, dive deep, discover, connect, love & heal by being true to your heart, your nature, and our shared wisdom.

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Remember your own source again. 

Skin on skin full body massage, guided by singing bowls.

60 to 90 minutes, Eindhoven 

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Private Meditation

One on one meditation; to get to know the world of mediation, to explore endless possibilities and/or to deepen your experience. Sharing our flow with a cup of tea afterwards. 

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Group Meditation

Date, time & location are shared when a meditation moment with a group of spirits is planned.




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Amsterdam (region) & Eindhoven, the Netherlands