~ Everything is a ritual ~

Ritual: "A ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order" (routine).

We're taking a deep dive into our native rites, because of the rise of this question: How can we dream of a new world, when we don't know where we come from? (thus know our connection to nature, thus know ourselves)

 > Research <

This dive simultaneously nurtures the birth of: 

Calendar of Rites

- The cyclical nature of our relationship to light - 

A playful guide into native & contemporary rituals

A ritual a day keeps the doctor away; 365 days of rituals for inspiration on how to celebrate (each day / relationships / reoccurring moments in time / passages; birth, death) in connection with yourself, your surroundings and nature.



- Agency for Rituals -

We offer personalised, hand tailored rituals for every moment that wants to be celebrated in a pure, respectful and integer way. A one-on-one ritual or a shared moment with a group of people; we love to discuss your wishes.


- A hand made celebration box with instructions to guide you through your personalised ritual

- A personalised ritual guided by us (with celebration box)

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We love to help you celebrate!

Eva, Kim and the native plant beings, guiding us home